Unforgiven 3
Mama Said (1996 Load)
Bad Seed (ReloAD / 1997)
Kill the King (Dio cover)
The Call Of The Ktulu (S&M)
Hate Train
Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)
The Day That Never Comes (GH3)
Enter Sandman (Минус для эл-гитары)
Nothing Else Matters (na-na-na-na)
Through The Never (Через невозможное)
The Struggle Within
Nothing else matter(Всё остальное неважно)
Nothing else matter
Enter Sandman (OST сквозь невозможное)
Enter Sandman
Fade To Black
Master of Puppets
Die, Die My Darling
The Day That Never Comes
Mama Said
Nothing Else Matters
Fade To Black (HD Audio Remastered)
Turn the page
The Unforgiven II (есть перевод)
All Nightmare Long
Whiskey in the Jar
The Memory Remains
Master Of Puppets с симфоническим оркестром
Lords of Summer (Garage Demo Version) 2014
Best 15 songs
The Unforgiven
Sad But True
Fight Fire With Fire
The Memory Remains (с концерта в Москве!)
My Friend Of Misery
Master Of Puppets (concert)
The Four Horsemen
Whiplash (live 1989)
Orion (Instrumental)
Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover)
St. Anger
Hate train (Unreleased track from Death Magnetic)
The Unforgiven (Live Shit)
Devil's Dance(S&M '99)
Through The Never
Master Of Puppets (S&M)
The Unforgiven II
Seek and Destroy (Seattle 1989)
So What
To Live Is To Die
I Disappear
Nothing Else Matters (Live. Quebec Magnetic)
Nothing else matters (с симфоническим оркестром)
The Unfogiven II
nothing else matters (акустика)
Kill / Ride Medley (Cunning Stunts)
Nothing Else Matters (Все остальное неважно)
The Outlaw Torn
Fade To Black (альбом Ride the Lightning)
Fade to Black (Live in Moscow 1991)
Until It Sleeps
Creeping Death
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Smoke on The Water (Deep Purple Cover)
Jump In The Fire
Until It Sleeps (альбом Load - 1996)
Hell And Back
Outlaw Torn (S&M)
(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
Around the world (ATC metal cover)
The Unforgiven 2
Kill 'em All - 06 - Whiplash
Ride the Lightning
Bad Seed
Last Caress - Green Hell
My World
Holier Than Thou
Wasting My Hate
Devil's Dance
The Shortest Straw
The Unnamed Feeling
Seek And Destroy
Human (S&M)
Prince Charming
Welcome home
For Whom The Bell Tolls
The Call of Cthulhu
Mama Said - Piano cover
The Unforgiven ( 320 kb )
Dyers Eve
Phantom Lord (Kill 'Em All)
Dirty Window
Shoot Me Again
Mercyful Fate
Carpe Diem Baby
The House Jack Built
Suicide and Redemption
Load 1996 (Full Album)
Demo Song For The New Album (2014)
Fuel (S&M)
Fade to back
Sweet Amber
brothers in arms
Creeping Death (Ride the Lightning-1984)
The memory remains (S&M)
Ride the lighting
Creeping Death (live in Moscow 1991)
Turn the Page (Bob Seger Cover)
The Wait
The Unforgiven II (лучшие рок-баллады)
Enter Sandman (Тушино 1991)
The Memory Remains (Luzhniki' 07)
Fuel For Fire
Harvester Of Sorrow (live in Moscow '91)
Enter Sandman (Instrumental)
Remember Tomorrow (Iron Maiden cover)
The Memories Remains(na-na-na)
Invisible Kid
Wasting My Hate (Load, 1996)
The Unforgiven 3
Better Than You
Welcome home (Sanatorium)
Creeping Death (OST Metallica: Through the never)
Master of Puppets (8-bit cover)
The Ecstasy of Gold
Rebel Of Babylon
Thorn Within
Fade to Black (настоящая старая Металлика)
Seek & Destroy (Quebec Magnetic, 2012)
The Unforgiven (в машину 3)
The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
Disposable Heroes (альбом Master of Puppets)
Jump In The Fire (Kill 'Em All)
The memory remains (Минус)
Die, Die My Darling (Misfits cover)
The Memory Remains Live
The Day That Never Comes (shorted version)
The Lords Of Summer
Orion (2013 - OST Through The Never)
Fuel (Live in Moscow)
Ride The Lightning (Live)
I DISAPPEAR (минусовка)
Nothing Else Matters(самая известная метал-песня)
And justice for all (1988) - 04.One
The Ecstasy Of Gold (S&M)
Harvester of Sorrow
The Unforgiven (припев)
Hero Of The Day
Lords of Summer
Rebel of Babylon (2012 - Beyond Magnetic)
Some Kind Of Monster
Seek and Destroy Live
Leper Messiah (альбом Master of Puppets)
Orion (2014 - OST Through The Never)
Broken, Beat & Scarred
My Apocalypse
The Lords Of Summer (Garage Demo Version)
The Memory Remains (Through The Never OST)
The Unforgiven 2 Вторая часть знаменитой баллады
King Nothing
Enter Sandman (испр. минус) четкие ударные
Poor Twisted Me
Frantic (Clip Version)
Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage cover)
Fade To Black (минус)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (S&M)
Astronomy (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
The God That Failed
So What (Завод)
Broken Beat and Scarred
Sad But True (Instrumental)
Of Wolf And Man
Unforgiven 2 (Instrumental)
The Unforgiven II (Live 1997)
The Memory Remains (Remix)
The Four Horsemen (Live 2014 Montreal)
Fuel (Из фильма Металлика: Сквозь невозможное)
The Unforgiven II(320 kbps)
Bleeding Me
The Judas Kiss
The Shortest Straw (Live 1992 Los Angeles)
Hit The Lights
Where The Wild Things Are
Through The Never(сквозь невозможное)
Die, Die My Darling (минус)
Fight Fire With Fire (1984)
the Unforgiven II (reLoad 1997)
Trapped Under Ice (альбом Ride the Lightning)
Ain't My Bitch
Disposable heroes
Just a Bullet Away
Some Kind Of Monster (OST Supernatural)
And Justice For All
Die, Die My Darling (OST Supernatural)
Wherever I May Roam
One (S&M)
Orion (альбом Master of Puppets)
Escape (альбом Ride the Lightning)
Whisky In The Jar(Виски решает все проблемы)
Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar Remix)
Darkness 2013
The Day That Never Comes (
Kill/Ride Medley (Live)
The Call Of Ktulu
Bleeding Me (S&M)
Orion (Through The Never OST)
The Ecstasy Of Gold & Blackened Intro (Live)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Кино - Раньше в твоих глазах)
Blackened (Remastered)
Creeping Death (2013 - OST Through The Never)
The Unfogiven II (лучшие рок-баллады)
The Unforgiven II (альбом Reload - 1997)
Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits cover)
No Leaf Clover (с симфоническим оркестром)
Unforgiven 2
Nothing Else Matters (S&M)
1991 - The Unforgiven
Forgiven show
The End Of The Line
Load (Full Album, 1996)
Nothing Else Matters (Acoustic)
The Unforgiven II ( 320 kb )
Enter Sandman (2013 - OST Through The Never)
The Unforgiven (Acoustic)
The Unforgiven Iii
Ride the Lightning (2013 - OST Through The Never)
Frantic (Drums & Vocal)
St. Angel
Unfogiven p.1,2 (by kostyabitloman)
The Memory Remains (2013 - OST Through The Never)
Металлика Nothing Else Matters
Die, die my darling (OST "Сверхъестественное")
Lords Of Summer (First Pass Version) HD Audio
Fade To Black (Acoustic-live)
Seek and Destroy live 1985
King of Nothing
Cyanide (2013 - OST Through The Never)
10 лучших треков. (EMPIRE FITNESS)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live Shit Binge & Purge)
Na na na
Through The Never (оглянись, восемь рублей)
Seek & Destroy
The Call Of Ktulu (инструментал)
The Unforgiven (Live in San Diego 1992)
Trapped Under Ice
1997 - Prince Charming
The Call Of Ktulu (Ride The Lightning / 1984)
Master of Puppets (2013 - OST Through The Never)
The Lords of Summer (New song 2014)
Hero Of The Day (S&M)
02 - 2x4
Stone Cold Crazy (1990)
That Was Just Your Life
Cliff Burton's Last Bass Solo
The Unforgiven 3 Непрощённый
The One
L'estasi Dell'oro (The Ecstasy Of Gold)
Dirty Window (Live In Studio)
Seek & Destroy 1981 (Bassnectar Remix)
Seek And Destroy (Kill 'Em All 1983)
All Within My Hands
Fade To Black (Live 1987, Sweden)
The Ecstasy Of Gold (с Симфоническим оркестром Сан-Франциско)
Mama said (acoustic)
The Unforgiven I Первая часть знаменитой баллады
TBA(2015)-Adamant Axe
Kill 'em All - 03 - Motorbreath
Low Man's Lyric
Nothing Else Matters Final Solo, take two
Orion (live at Luzhniki Stadium)
Mama Said минус
Master Of Puppets (Pendulum remix)
I Disappear (Минус)
Garage Inc. 1998 (CD1) (Full Album)
Wherever I May Roam (Dskotek's EDC Intro Bootleg)
Where The Wild Things Are (ReloAD / 1997)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Piano cover)
Fuel (2013 - OST Through The Never)
Through The Never (OST Metallica 3D)
Ride The Lightning 1984 (Full Album)
Turn the page (instrumental)
Wherever I May Roam (Live S&M)
Garage Inc. 1998 - CD 2 (Full Album)
New Song (Metallica By Request DEMO 2014)
Seek & Destroy (альбом Kill 'Em All - 1983)
Hell and Back (2012 - Beyond Magnetic)
Don't Tread On Me
Damage, Inc.
(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth (Kill 'Em All)
Enter Sandman (S&M)
One (с Симфоническим оркестром Сан-Франциско)
Orion (Live)
Turn the Page Metalica
Eye Of The Beholder
The Judas Kiss (No guitars)
Creeping Death (live in Moscow '91)
Enter Sandman (DJ Sergey Fisun remix)
Welcome Home (Sanatarium) live
Fade To Black (live)
Shoot Me Again(reEDIT)
Master of Puppets (LIVE!)
Here I Am On The Road Again
No Leaf Clover Instrumental (jоригинал минус)
The End Of The Line (intro cover)
Nothing Else Matters(с оркестром)
Harvester of Sorrow ( Live 1989 in Seattle)
Hate train (single Beyond Magnetic 2011)
Metal Militia
For Whom The Bell Tolls (минус для гитары)
Suicide & Redemption
Justice Medley(Live Shit'93)
Nothing Else Matters (piano cover)
Until It Sleeps (S&M)
No Remorse
St. Anger (live @ Rock Am Ring 2014)
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live from "Cunning Stunts")
Ronnie Rising (Rainbow medley)
I Disappear (Mission: Impossible 2 OST)
St.Anger (Re-Recorded 2015)
Kill 'em All - 10 - Metal Militia
Fuel (live @ Rock Am Ring 2014)
The Thing That Should Not Be
Am I Evil
Turn the Page (live acoustic)
Hell and Back (Beyond Magnetic EP 2011)
Leper Messiah
Enter Sandman (feat. Joey Jordison from Slipknot)
Garage Demo 2014
All Around The World (ATC cover)
Wind Of Liberty (NEW 2014)
Phantom Lord
The Unforgiven (piano cover)
Stone Cold Crazy
The Unforgiven 2 (Instrumental)
Unforgiven 2 - минус
Enter Sandman (ReepR Bootleg)
The Unforgiven (Acoustic Version, Live)
I Dissapear
The Thing That Should Not Be (S&M)
The Day That Never Comes (remastered by Da!ver)
Am I Evil (Diamond Head cover)
One (2013 - OST Through The Never)
Nothing else matter (с симфоническим оркестром!)
Ronnie Rising (Rainbow cover)
Sad But True (минус)
Nothing Else Matters (лучшие рок-баллады)
Iron Man
Master Of Puppets (Live Seattle '89)
Enter Sandman (Live in Tushino 1991)
The House That Jack Built
Low Man's Lyric (Reload(1997))
Seek & Destroy(
One (HD Audio Remastered)
Enter Sandman (acustic cover)
Re-load (1997) - 07.Carpe Diem Baby
Devils Dance
Harvester of Sorrow (Live Shit: Binge & Purge)
Smoke On The Water
Saint Anger
Hate Train (New album)
The Unforgiven (Instrumental Version)
Last Caress (Misfits cover)
The Unnamed Feeling (Re-Recorded 2015)
All Around The World
Memory Remains (Минус!)
Mama Said (Live)
The Unnamed Feeling (re-Edit)
Metal militia (demo)
Nothing Else Matters (2013 - OST Through The Never)
Ronnie Rising Medley
Sad but true(LIVE)
The Memory Remains (full instrumental)
Fuel (Through The Never OST)
Loverman (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover)
Unforgiven 3 demo
The Unforgiven I
Hate Train (PFM edited)
The Un
Nothing else mathers
When A Blind Man Cries
Enter Sandman (банжо)
Killing Time
Last caress / Green hell (The Misfits cover)
Ronnie Rising (A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio)
Fade To Black (Live Shit: Binge & Purge)
Let my Heart Go
Loverman (Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Cover)
Disposable Heroes (Instrumental)
Too Late Too Late
Fuel (Demo)
Enter Sandman Backing Track
Lords Of Summer (live @ Rock Am Ring 2014)
Low Mans Lyric
06 - Cyanide
Harvester Of Sorrow (Moscow, Tushino 1991)
Through The Never (оглянись, восемь рублей!) xD
The Prince
The Four Horsemen (Acoustic Live 1998)
Unforgiven(Drum cover by Loviher)
The Small Hours (Holocaust cover)
Sabbra Cadabra
Sad But True (S&M album)
Freeze 'Em All (Live in Antarctica 2013)
Cliff 'em all
Damage, Inc. (8-bit)
It's Electric
St. Anger (instrumental cover)
Nothing Else Matter (2014) ( )
Nothing Else Matters (альбом Metallica, 1991г.)
The Shortest Straw (Five Feet Down Under 2013)
Creeping Death (OST Стритрейсеры. Сага. Начало)
Hit The Lights (from METALL MASSACRE'82)
Wherever I May Roam ("Metallica (Black Album)", 1991)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) - S&M
Fate to Black
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Live Shit Binge And Purge '89)
No Leaf Clover (минус)
Battery (Through The Never OST)
Motorbreath (1985.03.15 Kabuki Theater, San Francisco, CA)
Soulreaper (2015 upcomming EP)
2 x 4
Until It Sleeps (Moby Slow Mix)
King Nothing (Tepid Mix)
Nothing Else Matte
Enter Sandman (LIVE!)
Black Squirrel (Demo Broken, Beat & Scarred)
Whiplash (Special Neckbrace Remix)
Orion (In memory of Cliff Burton)
Shoot Me Again (Re-Recorded 2015)
Last Caress
Blitzkrieg (Live)
When a Blind Man Cries (Deep Purple Cover)
Stone Dead Forever
Whisky In The Jar
St. Anger (Elektra Studio Live)
Frantic (live)
One (1989)
Fade to black (forever Ronnie James Dio)
The Unforgiven (coyote new radio Dubstep RMX)
Aint My Bitch
Bleeding Me(Кровотечение)
Lord Of Summer
Nothing Else Matter (Acoustic)
The Four Horseman
The Unforgiven (DJ BoB Vinyl Rip)
Fade To Black (Only Vocal)
Leper Messiah (альбом Master Of Puppets - 1986)
whiplash (instrumental)
Enter Sandman (Live in Moscow 1991)
Crash Course in Brain Surgery
Master Of Puppets 1986 (Full Album)
Ain't My Bitch (Cunning Stunts 1997)
Master of Puppets
Frantic (St.Anger)
Nothing Else Matters (минус лидер гитара и вокал)
Re-load (1997) - 11.Low Mans Lyric
THE MEMORY REMAINS (с оркестром)
One (Live)
The day that never come
Lord Of Summer(Garage Demo Version)
nothing else matters (instrumental)
Master Of Puppets (Borgore remix?)
One - Video version
Nothing Else Matters (LIVE!)
Nothing else matter для игры в игра престолов
Nothing else matter-все что есть это мы,остальное не важно
Around the world (ATC metal cover) La La LAaa
Fade To Black (лучшая гитарная песня 1984 года)
Nothing Else Matters (А все остальное не важно)
Nothing Else Matters (Минус)
Enter Sandman (Минус)
God hate us (2015)
Low Man Lyrics
Creeping Death (альбом Ride the Lightning)
Jump In The Fire (Ron McGovney's '82 Garage Demo)
Mercyful fate (Medley cover)
Devil's Dance (S&M)
Iron Man / Paranoid (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne)
Creeping Death - Demo - 1983
Creeping Death (Live 1991 Moscow)
The Unforgiven (Минус вокал)
So What (Cunning Stunts 1997)
All Within My Hands (акустика)
Orion (FadedShadows Remix)
The Outlaw Torn (unencumbered version)
Enter Sandman (Through The Never OST)
Hit the Lights (2013 - OST Through The Never)
Master of puppets (instrumental)
Nothing Else Matters (Медляк с дискотеки)
Sad But True - The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
The Memory Remains (WWE 2012 official theme song)
Wherever I May Roam (Pro7 Remix)
Turn The Page отрывок
The Memory Remains (live 2013)
Battery (live @ Rock Am Ring 2014)
The Unforgiven (the best cover)
Unforgiven (kountry)
Please Don't Judas Me (Nazareth acoustic cover)
Lepper Messiah (1986)
The Unforgiven (минус)
Until it sleeps ( РОК ФМ )
Ride The Lightning (live @ Rock Am Ring 2014)
King Nothing (Live Cunning Stunts)
Fuel (DIY Minus)
best ballads
Hit The Lights (Live in Sofia,Bulgaria)
Nothing Else Matters(минус барабанный)
Orion (HD Audio Remastered)
For whom the bell tolls (OST Zombieland)
Just a Bullet Away (single Beyond Magnetic 2011)
The Memory Remains (Instrumental)
Nothing Else Matters (Classical Instrumental)
The Unforgiven II (Instrumental)
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Live 1986 first solo
Nothing Else Matters (OST Metallica: Сквозь невозможное)
All Nightmare Long (Death Magnetic)
Some Kind Of Monster (Edit)
Ride The Lightning( Live In Chorzow )
Wherever I May Room
Nothing else matters (1991)
Master Of Puppets (1986) - 01.Battery
Some Kind of Monster (video)
No Leaf Clover
For Whom the Bell Tools
Die, Die My Darling (live with Trivium & A7)
To life is to die
Die, Die My Darling (The Misfits Cover)
Fade To Black (Cunning Stunts)
Obama Say 2014
Master Of Pupets
Enter Sandman (dirty funker mix)
The Memory Remains(OST Metallica: Сквозь невозможное)
Nothing Else Matters (Из фильма Металлика: Сквозь невозможное)
Mama Side
The memory remain (demo)
Whiskey In The Jar (Thin Lizzy cover)
01 - The Day That Never Comes
The Memory Remains (WWE 2013)
From Whom The Bell Tolls
Nothing else matter(
Nothing Else Matters (Elevator version)
Whiskey In The Jar (Instrumental)
Hit The Lights (Through The Never OST)
Hate Train (Leftover from Death Magnetic)
Nothing Else Matters(s.o.)
Stone Cold Crazy (Queen cover)
Red Spider
The Day That Never Comes (instrumental)
One chance (NEW 2015)
The Best Ballads
1984 - Ride The Lightning (Full Album)
Whiplash (1989 Live in Seattle)
Invisible Kid (St Anger)
Sad But True (Black Album)
And Justice For All (Zardonic rmx)
Fuel (Original)
Tuesdays Gone (acoustic)
10 лучших треков
Hell & Back
Fade To Black (1984)
Whenever I May Roam
Die, Die, Die My Darling
Enter Sadman
From Whom The Bells Tolls
Nothing Else Metters
Where Ever I May Roam
Wiskey In The Jar
The Call of Ktulhu
Veteran of the Psychic Wars (Blue Oyster Cult cover)
The Unforgiven (1991)